Semen Maximizer Review:

Important Note: This review is based solely upon the results experienced by the author of Learn How To Make Your Ejaculate Shoot and in no way should this information be interpreted as coming from a medical professional.

Don't Forget The Basics:  Drink lots of water (soft drinks, hard drinks, coffee, or tea are not valid substitutes) to naturally increase semen volume.  Also the longer the foreplay and teasing period, the greater your semen volume will be.

Ogoplex This is the product that is frequently advertised in Men's Health Magazine and is touted as producing "ropes" or extended waves of orgasm.  This product definitely increased my semen volume in a significant way.  In fact, it increased my semen volume more than any other product I have ever used.  Unfortunately, it also had a significant side effect.  That is, it also created MAJOR (i.e. unbearable) sinus problems.  Specifically, I had never had any kind of a sinus problem before.  After I quit using the product, the sinus problems immediately went away.  The company advertises that the product is based on a Swedish flower/pollen extract.  Well, the "pollen" definitely works - it just so happens that it also works in a very negative way.  If you are curious, the extent of my "ropes" was a slightly longer orgasm due to the increase in semen volume. 

Ropex This company touts that it has the "Original Swedish "Ropes" Formula".  This product is based on the same flower/pollen extract as Ogoplex.  However, it clearly is a different formula.  The effect on my sinuses was was still there but not as bad.  The increase in semen volume was medium - meaning that there was a noticeable increase but nothing spectacular.  Most noticeable about this product was that it definitely increased my desire for sex.  The best way I can describe it is that it resulted in a feeling similar to needing to urinate except it was a need for sexual release.  Related to this, this product definitely enhanced my orgasms.  The other thing I liked about this product was that it was easy on my stomach.  Many of the other pills would upset my stomach if I didn't take them with food.

StingerRX This product was ok.  In effect, it was a scaled-down variation of the Ropex product - meaning it's semen volume enhancement was slightly less than Ropex and it created an increased sex drive that was slightly less than the Ropex effect.

Semenax This product produced a very satisfactory increase in semen volume including a significant increase in pre-cum fluid.  When shooting my ejaculate, this product created very exciting "streams" of semen.  Best of all, I did not experience any side effects.

Maximum Pills (Peter North's endorsed product) In effect and outcome, this product was a scaled down version of Semenax.  In other words, there was an increase in pre-cum fluid and an increase in semen volume but not as much as what the Semenax product produced.

VigRX - No noticeable benefit or enhancement.

Volume Pills - No noticeable benefit or enhancement.

For those of you who want my recommendation:

I heartily recommend the Semenax product.  It produces a very satisfying increase in semen volume and I experienced NO side effects.  For convenience, here is a link to their site: